For parents
Every child in the Netherlands, including your son or daughter, receives an education that matches his or her abilities. This is called ‘suitable education’ (in Dutch: passend onderwijs). Many children are best served by the education provided by ‘mainstream’ primary schools. However, some children require extra help, and this is what is described in our brochure Education and educational support at primary school. The brochure provides information on the various types of help and support offered by primary schools.

For schools
If the school itself is unable to provide the help that a student needs, it may decide to offer additional support funded through an arrangement (in Dutch: arrangement of toelaatbaarheidsverklaring). The basic principle of SPPOH’s working method is that schools use their own documents as much as possible. However, some schools like to have an example, so there are various formats available below.
MDOOPPOPP Checklist 

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